How to start a blog.

I wish I knew how to start a blog because I started trying to start this one a long time ago. The date on this post reads June 2011, but today’s date is January 24, 2013 if that’s any indication… Back then, I had a pretty clear vision about what it would be about (or so I thought) and I even came up with a name and a tagline, and put a lot of effort into designing the header artwork and typography. (I don’t really like it that much anymore, but it would be tragic at this point for me to start fucking around with it.)

What completely shut me down was the stupid “About” tab. This was a problem for me. It’s just a paragraph, I thought. But no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t write it.  I thought I was writing it, but I wasn’t. I was actually just pulling my hair out and then absentmindedly braiding the clumps of pulled out hair into a rope to hang myself.

Admittedly, I suffer from known “starting” issues. And I honestly feel that there is a sort of a procrastinatory inertia inherent in starting certain things — especially things that you’re really only doing for yourself — that’s predictably Newtonian, like a form of childish static friction.

The way I originally envisioned it when I was sketching out the blueprint for the idea in that sunny outdoor café in dreamy Kirstenistan, was that my blog would just kind of start. But  without all the effort and frustration. It would start like the sound of car tires slowly rolling forward on wet pavement in an alleyway at night.

Well, here it is. I finally copped out and just filled the “About” section with a paragraph of standard, designer-issue greek placement copy which feels pretty good because I can probably now claim that it’s apropos.

So,what’s it really all about? I don’t know for sure, but I think it’s about dreams and sex and death… and maybe food. 🙂

How to start a blog.